ICO: Public Sale

Public Sale is over-reserved and the ICO is on hold. Stay tuned!

One app,a wealth of possibilities

The tools of the future are in your hands. Automate your investments, earn daily, and make payments with your assets. We’re way beyond the bank.

IBAN account in the EU & UK

Pay with invested assets

AI-powered, automated investment tools

Earn daily payouts

Multi-route asset exchange


Supercharge your finances

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Our secure, high-powered Vaults allow you to add money and earn daily. Set your financial goals, collaborate with friends, and deposit or withdraw anytime with no fees.


Manage your investments

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With your akt.io membership, you will be able to buy, sell, exchange cryptocurrencies, invest in traditional financial assets, and automate your investments with the help of AI-powered algorithms.


Make payments with invested capital

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Without withdrawals, transfers or fees. Now you can buy a cup of coffee with your crypto – or any other financial asset. Make instant, fractional payments with digital currencies, stocks, GBP & EUR, and more.


All the next-generation financial services at your fingertips



Interest Vault


Our technology enables instant, secure & fractional trading of all your assets.

Select the assets you want to exchange

Become a member to unlock exclusive services


  • WealthHub Access: crypto, securities & commodities
  • Vault Access: daily interests
  • Pay with Bitcoin
  • Free PVC Biodegradable payment card
  • Free SEPA transfers

€0 / month


  • WealthBot Access: crypto market
  • Vault Access: unlimited
  • Pay with any asset (crypto, shares, fiat, gold, etc)
  • 16g stainless steel payment card
  • Lower fees & higher withdrawal limits

€12,90 / month


  • Hybrid WealthBot Access: crypto & traditional markets
  • Personalized investment advice
  • Pay with any asset (crypto, shares, fiat, gold, etc)
  • 28g stainless steel diamond-encrusted card engraved with 24-carat gold
  • Minimal fees & unlimited use
  • Exclusive lifestyle products & services

€200 / month


The Public Sale is over-reserved!

The ICO is on hold until we can consolidate the transactions. Stay tuned!

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