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Public Sale is over-reserved and the ICO is on hold. Stay tuned!

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Supercharge your returns

Our cryptocurrency Vaults are easier to use than any savings account and they enable you to generate a return on your money. Create a personal or a group Vault. Deposit an amount of your choosing, supercharge your earnings, and withdraw at any time.

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A practical solution to put your money to work

It is no secret that ordinary accounts generate little to no return and that inflation is a source of loss. Other traditional investments often lack the flexibility you need in daily life.
Our Crypto Vaults simplify the equation. They are personalised and adapted to any goals.

Share a vault. Make plans, put money aside and earn together

Life is full of projects with friends or family. Make them happen. Share your vault with your partner, child, or friends. Save, plan, earn daily and spend together. Use your vault to collect funds for group activities.

Share a joint vault with your spouse or partner

Are you looking to renovate the kitchen? Or seeking to enjoy life together? Grow your money together and rest assured it will be available when you wish to spend it.

Plan for the future

One day your child will go to university. Or maybe your elder son will decide to launch his own business. Create a dedicated shared vault to support them with their achievements in life.

Cote d’Azur Holidays, Project Rome or Discover Malaysia?

All those who share a passion for travelling will love sharing a vault. Customise your vault. Add a name, set your goals, and use the money for your next trip together.

A birthday coming up soon? Supercharge your vault

Set a date, make deposits, earn daily payouts to grow your vault and buy the best birthday present of all.

A cutting-edge tool to earn

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Here’s how it works. Our crypto vaults are powered by AAVE, a decentralized, audited and secured open-source protocol that enables users to lend and borrow cryptocurrencies. When you make a deposit, you act as a lender. Your funds are deposited into liquidity pools and other users can then borrow from these pools. Each pool sets aside assets as reserves to hedge against volatility and maintain the best level of security possible. These reserves also help ensure that you can withdraw funds at any time, on-demand.

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Your money is 100% available. Earn daily, spend freely.

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