Blockchain weekly by Marigold – Issue #15

Brian Leclere - 01 July 2022 - APP Blockchain MARKET_WATCH


  • Jakarta, Tezos’s 10th upgrade, has been activated, introducing Transaction Optimistic Rollups, the first protocol native scaling solution on Tezos, and bringing improvements to Michelson Tickets amongst others.🎉
  • On June 27th, Arthur Breitman (co-founder of Tezos) shared some thoughts about tx-rollups which are about to activate in Jakarta in a short thread on Twitter.🧵
  • On Tezos Agora, the contributor greeneye12 brought a new marketing-PR proposal that consists in organizing an event for each protocol update in the format of a keynote and a live view of protocol change.🎥
  • Tech company DNS introduced Hyperminter, the new Tezos batch minting tool.📊
  • On June 28th, Nomadic Labs organized at the Institut Polytechnique (France) a research seminar titled “Distributed Randomness in the lack of synchrony with applications”, by Luciano Freitas (PhD student at Télécom Paris – Institut Polytechnique de Paris).💬
  • MadFish announced the launch of the Curve-like Stable DEX on Tezos, which was implemented within the QuipuSwap AMM protocol.🗣️
  • iSportConnect Web3 Summit, presented by Tezos, took place at Emirates Stadium, in London, on June 28th and 29th. It showcased 35 sessions and 60 speakers including Sotheby’s, NBA, FIFA, Tezos & more.🏅
  • On June 25th, despace Berlin opened its doors to Web3 enthusiasts interested in Tezos technology, projects, and the ecosystem, for a full day of events and meetings.🇩🇪
  • On June 30th, Katherine Ng (TZ APAC’s Managing Director) will be speaking at the Bloomberg APAC Blockchain Forum, on a panel about “the current state of the market, expanding adoption during challenging times, and their journeys in #blockchain”. She will also answer questions at an AMA session, on July 1st on TZ APAC Discord, to celebrate Tezos’ 4th anniversary.🎙️
  • Registration for Open Web Forum 2022 Hackathon, powered by Tezos, is open until July 18th.®️
  • The 56th edition of the Festival of the Montreux Jazz Festival will unlock exclusive hospitality offers through ‘Diamond Seated Package’ NFTs, as part of its partnership with OneOf, a music NFT platform built on Tezos.🎺
  • Om Malviya and Poorvi Sachar (President and director of Tezos India) explained how Web3 is reshaping the gaming environment in the opinion column “How NFT Gaming Will Revolutionize The Indian Gaming Industry”, published by Indian fintech media🕹️
  • Tezos Commons’ podcast TezTalks Radio #39 was dedicated to Art Basel Conversations 2022 | Curating Art for Web3, and the relationship between art and Web3. 🇨🇭
  • Kuoka Project partnered with Tezos NFT to raise 60,000 XTZ and start ten self-sustaining independent public bakers across sub-Saharan Africa.💸
  • In a special Edition of What the Block, on June 23rd, investor Alon Goren and Nelly Chatue-Diop (chairwoman of Tezos Africa and CEO of Ejara) discussed “the most promising projects occurring in Africa”.🌍
  • In a new edition of Tezos Community Spotlight, Tezos Commons dedicated a portrait to Professor Jeff Groff and his new Tezos-powered project, The Tezio Wallet. ✍️
  • showcased ClubNFT, a tool that allows to download all of the IPFS data associated with all of one’NFTs with the click of a button, with no app to download, and with no transactions to approve.🔧
  • According to a published Morgan Stanley report, if Ethereum moves to proof-of-stake, it will not solve its “scaling problems”. It estimates that the blockchain’s upgrade, “The merge”, could be “pushed out to early next year” given previous delays.🔎
  • Crypto media Watcher Guru reported that, on June 23rd, $100 million has been stolen from Harmony protocols cross-chain bridge to Ethereum.🥷
  • On, Bitpush news (1.4K followers) shared the feedback of four attendees to the recent Consensus conference in Austin, Texas. 👥
  • TIME Magazine will partner with The Sandbox to build a virtual Times Square in the metaverse.🏙️
  • Bitcoin Magazine announced that it’s taking its signature Bitcoin Conference event to Amsterdam, this October.🇳🇱

Source: Blockchain weekly by Marigold – Issue #15

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