August 2022 Origin Token(OGN) Holder Update


August 2022 Origin Token(OGN) Holder Update

Every month, the Origin team publishes a monthly update to our token holders and the broader community. Welcome to the August 2022 edition. We are eager to hear feedback and suggestions from our community.



In August, we made significant progress toward making our token offerings more accessible to millions worldwide. We’re proud to have OGN recognized by Indonesia’s Commodity Futures Exchange Supervisory Agency. Indonesian regulators deemed it one of a select list of exclusive tokens legal for trading within their country. Recognition from government regulators is the ultimate form of validation that any cryptocurrency could receive. This development makes OGN accessible to 273 million people within a country that is home to the 4th largest global population.

Origin Story successfully won over top NFT collections to our platform with a series of marketplaces launching on Collections. We also deployed several integrations to make our DeFi protocol accessible to a broader range of new users. These integrations bring more utility to our yield-bearing stablecoin, Origin Dollar (OUSD), and its dedicated governance token Origin Dollar Governance (OGV). With our constant expansion efforts, Origin continues to build for the future.




OGN — We found continued support for OGN across several new platforms in August. BitKeep added OGN to their decentralized wallet with over 6M global users. OGN was also listed on Changelly, an instant cryptocurrency exchange. In addition, OGN was listed on the digital asset and derivatives trading platform, Dcoin, which routinely generates over $1B in daily trading volume.

Origin Dollar & OGV — Origin Dollar Governance (OGV) and its staking program continue to provide some of the most compelling yields in DeFi. We are pleased to report that over 64% of all OGV is currently staked, earning veOGV holders up to 104% vAPY. If you have not yet locked your OGV for veOGV, you can do so by heading to the OGV Staking Portal.

We have also aggressively expanded OUSD’s footprint across several platforms and decentralized exchanges. Here are some of the highlights:

Token Burn — As a reminder, the snapshot for OGN holders to be eligible for the Origin Dollar Governance (OGV) airdrop occurred on July 06th, 2022, at 08:00:02 AM UTC at Ethereum block height 15,087,759. If you were holding OGN in a self-custodial wallet during the snapshot, you will be able to get your OGV through the claim portal until the October 10th deadline. After the deadline, any unclaimed OGV will be burned to decrease the supply.

Origin Story — August has also been a breakout month for the Origin Story team. Native listings on Collections have gone live on our record-breaking NFT platform. Now collectors of a community can directly list their favorite supported project’s NFTs right on the community’s marketplace.

The platform fees generated by these native listings will go into the pool of ETH rewards in the OGN staking program. As more NFT collections release their own branded marketplaces with Origin Story, the potential for OGN token holders to share the economic benefits associated with our newly upgraded staking program will continue to grow over time.

This development comes on top of several new partners launching their marketplaces with Collections, including:

The positive response to this new product strongly signals that Origin Story is providing an in-demand solution for creators and their communities.


Token Economics

OGN’s circulating supply is 502,778,267. The circulating supply number includes the tens of millions of OGN staked in our staking program, reducing the actual float further.

There are 22,911,909 OGN currently staked in our legacy staking program. The majority of these tokens are staked for a year. Over 29,508,015 OGN are locked up in the new OGN Staking Program for Season 1. This data signals that OGN holders believe in the future of OGN. You can see all of this information on our token dashboard.



We are committed to building a thriving community of informed token holders and end-users of our products. In August, we focused on raising awareness across multiple global communities, exchanges, and projects.

Origin’s Co-founder, Josh Fraser, led the charge with an OGV-focused AMA on Twitter Spaces with Huobi. For those who missed it, you can catch up on the recording to learn more. Josh was also in attendance for ETH Seoul to raise awareness for Origin Protocol and our flagship products, where he was greeted with a warm welcome by many of you in the community. Take a moment to watch his presentation on token governance.

Elsewhere, our fantastic team of community managers also held several regional AMAs. We always appreciate the opportunity to help members of those communities better understand the impact of our recent upgrades to OUSD governance and OGN staking. In August, our community managers joined forces with CoinEx to host several regional AMAs across Korea, Russia, Portugal, and Turkey.

Origin teamed up with Archimedes to host an AMA in our discord and discuss their upcoming marketplace. Archimedes DeFi platform utilizes stablecoins such as OUSD to power their innovative lending and borrowing operations.



Origin continues to look for new talent to onboard and help accelerate development as we build for the future. We seek to prioritize quality and hire individuals whose experience and expertise align with our innovative strategy and mission.

To achieve our goals, we have expanded our product and engineering openings:

To build out our Business Development and Marketing teams, we are searching for specialized team members that will play a significant role in taking our community building to the next level:


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Source : by Aaron Faulkner - November 15, 2022

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