Chiliz Labs forges partnership with TOPGOAL to enhance the future of decentralized football gaming…


Chiliz Labs forges partnership with TOPGOAL to enhance the future of decentralized football gaming with FootballcraftScroll down for: BR, ES, FR, TRChiliz Labs collaborates with TOPGOAL to integrate Chiliz Chain in their new game, TOPGOAL Footballcraft, an ambitious decentralized 12x speed parallel football universe game.Footballcraft players will be able to utilize the $GOAL token, minted on the Chiliz Chain, to navigate the universe, purchase assets, and get rewarded for their in-game accomplishments.Chiliz Labs continues to solidify its position as the epicenter of innovation in the sports blockchain realm. With initiatives like Footballcraft and other imminent projects, Chiliz Labs is set to redefine fan engagement and experience in the digital age.PARIS, AUGUST 25, 2023: Chiliz, the leading blockchain innovator for the global sports industry, today announced a partnership with TOPGOAL, the minds behind the highly-anticipated Footballcraft game. The collaboration aims to integrate Chiliz Chain, broadening the spectrum of possibilities within the decentralized football gaming universe.TOPGOAL, a pioneering force in the decentralized gaming ecosystem and creator of the TopManager game, is introducing Footballcraft — a unique virtual platform and football manager that blends the fervor of football with web3 technology. 


The platform mirrors real-world football dynamics and aims to create a sustainable, interactive space for football enthusiasts globally.With Footballcraft, players can engage in real-time Player vs Player (PvP) battles, scout emerging talent, participate in national and continental leagues, and experience the thrill of leading a team to World Cup victory — all in a vibrant, immersive universe. The game goes beyond prevalent tokenomics and instead focuses on long-term user engagement and an inclusive experience for both web2 and web3 gamers.Central to this partnership is the integration of the Chiliz Chain within the TOPGOAL Footballcraft universe. The $GOAL token, minted on the Chiliz Chain, will be the lifeblood of Footballcraft. Players will use the token for various NFT assets and in-game activities such as purchasing players, upgrading clubs, and getting rewarded for their strategic insights and successes. Thus the digital assets of players will live on the chain.As TOPGOAL Footballcraft is set to serve as an app on the Chiliz Chain, it promises to bring a wave of active users, thereby amplifying the chain’s utility. Additionally, the game’s potential to create myriad use cases for club Fan Tokens further augments the demand for tokens within the Footballcraft ecosystem.Continued innovation will drive the growth of the Chiliz Chain ecosystem, with Chiliz Labs — the $50M accelerator and incubator for sports focused blockchain projects — at the heart of this. Chiliz Chain is already the number one sports chain, with 80+ Fan Tokens, hundreds of partners, and over two million wallets. Our latest partnership with TOPGOAL amplifies our commitment to build the largest global web3 ecosystem for sports having onboarded media gamification platform LiveLike, live streaming provider FanFest, athlete NFT platform Blockasset and, more recently, CBI’s new football virtual world called Alphaverse.The TOPGOAL partnership is one of many upcoming Chiliz Labs announcements, with more web3 sports projects to be unveiled in the coming months, including rewards and engagement driven community platforms, social gaming platforms, AI-based content platforms, 3D quality digital sports collectibles, and NFT ticketing. This partnership also underscores TOPGOAL Footballcraft’s commitment to delivering a cutting-edge user experience — bridging traditional gaming and the world of blockchain.


Xander, CEO of TOPGOAL, said, “Collaborating with Chiliz Labs and integrating the Chiliz Chain into TOPGOAL Footballcraft is a monumental step in our journey. Together, we’re ushering in a new era of decentralized gaming, and we couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities ahead.”Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz, expressed, “This partnership with TOPGOAL is a testament to our shared vision of evolving the sports industry through web3 technologies. With Footballcraft, we see the future of decentralized football gaming, and we’re happy to be a part of it.


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