How to start developing on Hedera Hashgraph


I recently learned about Hedera and found their technology to be quite fascinating. Hedera is not a blockchain; it's a public ledger that utilizes hashgraph consensus.

Hashgraph consensus is a more secure and faster alternative to blockchain consensus mechanisms. Think of Hedera as a graph, with the speed of verifying transactions increasing as users add more transactions to the network. A directed acyclic graph (DAG) is the technology behind this. It helps Hedera in exceeding 100,000 transactions per second. As a result, it is a legitimate competitor to Visa and other TradFi mass-payment systems.


A council of 19 multinational corporations governs the platform and software that will run on millions of nodes worldwide. Instead of mining, nodes on the hashgraph "gossip" with each other, comparing notes on the network's transaction history.

If you are still trying to decide which network to use for your next DApp, Hedera may be a good option because it will help you launch your DApp fairly, quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. Hedera is the world's greenest proof-of-stake network, and it can help you achieve your environmental sustainability goals by reducing your carbon footprint.

Let's dive in straight on how you can start developing on Hedera. For this lesson, I will refer to an article by Ed Marquez and go into greater detail about it. Here's a link to the article:

Here is what we are going to be covering:

  • I will introduce you to the Hedera Portal: Here, you will create a testnet account and receive a fake testnet HBAR. A testnet is simply an instance of the chain used for testing and experimentation without risk to real funds or the main chain.
  • How to configure your environment
  • Here, I will work you through how to set up the environment on your laptop
  • How to create your account
  • Transferring Hbar To start with, let's head to It will welcome you with the screen below.


Just below the sign-in button, click on "Create a Testnet Account." It will bring up another screen, as seen below.

For this lesson, we will be using the testnet account. On the right-hand side, input your email and click on "Start building." Hedera will send a verification code to your email address. Input the verification code; another window will prompt you to input your credentials.

Once you log in, you will see the screen below that contains your private key, public key, and account ID. We will need the private key and account ID for the following steps, so copy them.

Now let us head over to our code editor. For this example, we will be using Visual Studio Code.

Here, as you can see, I have created a blank project called setup. Now we need to create some files in this setup folder using the terminal window. Open up the terminal windows and follow along.

Let's start by creating our .env file. Type touch .env on the terminal window and hit enter

NB: Make sure to navigate to the setup directory we created. We will use the env file to store the private key and the account ID we initially copied.

We will also be creating an index.js file. Type touch index.js and hit enter.

After that, we will initialize our repository using the command npm init –yes—hit enter.



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