NKN Monthly Report: April 2023


Highlights NKN in HK Web 3 Festival  Recruitment event with OpenJob in Beijing nMobile adds AI-powered  ChatGPTv4 buddy AIGC |  nConnect enables AI image creation anywhere at any time Mempool | Get a real-time view of transactions on the NKN blockchain Mainnet Status  Latest Mainnet Stats Apr 28th, 2023: 83,776 full consensus nodes 53 countries & regions 17,130,684,032 relays per hour   5,300,204 block height The latest stable release for mainnet is v2.2.0 (https://github.com/nknorg/nkn/releases) NKN in HK Web 3 Festival NKN project was prominently featured at the 2023 Hong Kong Web 3.0 Festival. Our marketing representative attended the main conference and several side events hosted in this long-awaited reunion of the Web 3 industry. We had a significant presence throughout this fascinating week, in which we pitched and showcased our technologies and ideas to numerous investors, industry leaders, projects, and enthusiasts. We were able to establish several important connections with other fun and strong blockchain projects and exchanges. 


Representatives from many leading players in the blockchain industry, including Nervos, dotbit, Lens Protocol, ProjectTwelve, RSS3, Celer, and so many more, all expressed and shared a great interest in collaborating with NKN on future projects and campaigns. Our marketing lead was also able to speak with a range of investors and experts and receive valuable feedback on their ideas and technologies, inspiring new thoughts, and paths for our future movements. The Hong Kong Web 3.0 Festival was a resounding success and so was our participation this time. NKN gained significant exposure to key players in the industry, generated new connections, and advanced our plans for future collaborations. “With your groundbreaking approach to blockchain and communication technologies, NKN is poised to continue making waves in the blockchain world for many years to come.” As quoted from one of the pioneering figures in the industry that we met in HK. Recruitment event with OpenJob in Beijing On the 2nd of April, NKN was invited to a recruitment event in Beijing in partnership with OpenJob. The event was held to hire from the top-tier universities in China, including Beijing University, Tsinghua University, and other esteemed institutions. Furthermore, NKN is striving to become a global project, and thus, we are attracting applicants from top universities from all over the world. As a prominent web3 project, NKN was invited to participate in the event as a blockchain project that is full of potential. Representatives from NKN shared information about the project and its future plans, while also listening to the aspirations and expectations of potential candidates. 


The event was attended by a diverse group of young talent, and many were impressed with our project and our vision. This recruitment event was very successful, with many attendees expressing interest in working with NKN and joining the project. The event helped NKN to build meaningful connections and discover talented individuals who could bring valuable skills to the team. With a globally diverse team, NKN is well-positioned to continue its growth and expansion in the competitive blockchain industry. nMobile adds AI-powered ChatGPTv4 buddy We are happy to announce the official integration of OpenAI chatGPT v4 into nMobile secure private chat. ChatGPT is known for its natural language processing abilities, and this integration just made up another fascinating feature of nMobile. Users can now download nMobile from the Android/iOS app stores or APK and add chatGPT to their contacts list using the QR code. The integration offers seamless language translation capabilities, breaking down traditional communication barriers. The App supports conversations in several languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and many others. Users can engage in private or group chats effortlessly, without having to stress about understanding a foreign language or hiring a translator. With the integration of OpenAI chatGPT v4, NKN is proud to support open and accessible communication. NKN’s nMobile secure private chat aims to establish a trusted platform for secure messaging, voice calls, and file transfers. This latest integration is undoubtedly a significant step in improving the overall user experience of the app, especially benefiting mainland Chinese users. To download nMobile and find more information: nmobile.nkn.org, and then scan QR code below to add chatGPTv4 buddy. AIGC | nConnect enables AI drawings anywhere at any time “Partnering” with AI tools such as Stable Diffusion, you can create amazing artwork and design so that can be accessed from anywhere via NKN’s nConnect. No more worries about being “watched” or “work stolen”. With nConnect, AIGC (AI Generated Content) can be more secure than you ever imagined. Users can now download and install nConnect on their devices to connect to the AIGC server and access the Stable Diffusion drawing tool. Once connected, users can start drawing and using AI algorithms to create impressive designs. 



The integration of AIGC in nConnect is poised to make AI creation more secure, accessible, and fun for everyone. On how to use nConnect and create your own AI drawing, please see https://forum.nkn.org/t/aigc-how-to-use-nconnect-to-complete-ai-drawing-anytime-and-anywhere-stable-diffusion/5070 Mempool | Get a real-time view of transactions on the NKN blockchain Our community developer Mutsi just launched a brand new tool for the NKN community – NKN mempool explorer! But wait a second, what is mempool? Sometimes you want real-time information about the blockchain before the blocks are confirmed and stored across all the consensus nodes. The dynamic pool that collects all the active transactions is the mempool. If we use newspaper as an analogy for blockchain explorer, mempool explorer is like watching the Bloomberg live feed of stock tickers. You can check your transaction live, as soon as it was submitted in your wallet. Sometimes you get unexpected insights, like witnessing a new NKN node born. Awww, we all love babies! You can access this new tool here https://nstatus.org/mempool/ 



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