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Crypto trading made easy


Earn daily in Euros

V1 Released - V2 Summer 2023

Crypto trading bot


Wealth Card


US & EU Stocks

Q1 2023

The WealthBot

The WealthBot is our intelligent robo-advisor powered by proprietary algorithms that automatically invests in crypto on behalf of our users. The WealthBot automatically creates a portfolio tailored to the users risk profile, and is being rebalanced and optimized multiple times a day thanks to our sophisticated proprietary algorithms.

Q1 2023

Physical VISA cards

Coming in first quarter 2023: Order and pay in Euro with our a biodegradable PVC card or with our classy metal card accessible only for World and Elite members.

Q2 2023

Shared Vaults

Share a vault with your loved ones to achieve shared dreams together…sooner.

Q2 2023

Deposit in USDT

Deposit USDT from any external account to a dedicated Akt.io USDT crypto wallet.

Q2 2023

30+ FIAT currencies

On top of Euros, we are adding 30+ FIAT currencies.

Q2 2023

Pay with crypto

Big birthday, family holidays or Christmas coming up? Hold on to your money and treat everyone with your future earnings! (With Akt.io you can) Spend interest from Vault in advance and get a loan on your crypto - with akt.io, your crypto enters a new dimension.

Q2 2023

Recurring SEPA transfers

Recurring expenses? Plan and set recurring payments.

Q2 2023

Recurring transfers

Set up automatic transfers from any wallet to any other wallet.

Q2 2023

Split bills with friends

Having a nice meal with friends? Any other cost you’d like to share? Split the bill instantly with any contacts in your phone through the App.

Q2 2023

Virtual cards

Create virtual payment cards and use them as you see fit. Dedicate one card to one merchant or service that you use. Create a card for single use if you think it is more secure. Renew, freeze or cancel your virtual cards.

Q3 2023


Exclusive events for our World and Elite members.

Q3 2023

US & EU stocks

You will be able to buy and trade US and EU stocks

Q3 2023


Our trusted partner QOVER will provide our World and Elite members with varied personal insurance services (COVID19, skiing accident, travel mishas, etc.).

Q4 2023

Tax return management

We provide you with an official annual tax form that recaps your capital gains.

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