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The WealthHub is our proprietary exchange technology that allows you to trade between fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies and a wide range of traditional financial instruments including fractionalised shares, in a direct, instantaneous and cost-effective way, with enhanced liquidity.

What are the advantages of WealthHub?

Exchange at the best available Rate

WealthHub’s algorithms identify the best possible exchange rate for whatever assets you want to trade.

Enhanced Liquidity

WealthHub routes trades through multiple asset classes in order to generate liquidity between assets. This use of multiple routes enhances asset liquidity, as it opens each market to a wider customer base.

Autonomous Investment & Money Management

You can choose to accept a wider range of assets, but you can also determine how to manage the assets you receive.

Save time and money

WealthHub lets you exchange these assets on a single, easy-to-use system.

Full transparency

You can see the multi-routed stages and company fees for all of your trades.

How does it work?

WealthHub’s algorithms analyse data from aggregated order books for each of our connected providers

WealthHub then plots a graph for every available route between the two requested assets, considering their fees, liquidity, execution speed and market opening times

Decentralisation via the DeFi

The digitalisation of industry and the invention of distributed computing networks are rapidly changing how we store, transfer and use data. This is particularly true in the financial sector, where industry experts predict the adoption of decentralised currencies, lending pools and other financial systems.

The WealthHub Liquidity System will integrate Hedera Hashgraph in order to become increasingly decentralised over time.

How do we plan to achieve this?

Transaction Recording

The history of all transactions is periodically broadcast to the Hedera network and recorded on the distributed ledger. This allows us to make these transactions transparent while using encryption technology to protect the identities of our customers. The public ledger presents an accurate, immutable and auditable record to combat fraud and ensure all parties can be held accountable.

Streamlined Fees

Customers incur a fee for each transaction on the WealthHub. This varies depending on the asset classes and route, and is deducted from the assets to be exchanged. Customers can instead opt to pay in AKT or HBAR, the native currency of the Hedera DLT. In return, they are given a 20% discount on each transaction and fees are automatically deducted from the integrated customer wallet.

Smart Contracted Algorithms

WealthHub’s algorithms for multi-routing trades are coded into Hedera Hashgraph to create autonomous processes, or smart contracts. This means the DLT doesn’t just record the transaction history. It also records the logical processes by which it identifies the optimal route for each multi-asset trade. This further enhances the transparency, as it shows that WealthHub is trading via the best possible price and route for the customer, rather than us.

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