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As the summer fast approaches, the 1/1 exhibition season is almost upon us. And as the first in a growing roster of events celebrating the constantly evolving fine art NFT space, SuperRare has announced an exciting two-month exhibition takeover at 0x.17 Gallery located in New York City’s Seaport.  Opening its doors on June 1, SuperRare at the Seaport aims to unite digital artists, collectors, and enthusiasts in a captivating space that offers an immersive environment for experiencing the exceptional artists that populate the prominent curated marketplace. Here’s what you should know. SuperRare at the Seaport During the gallery’s two-month pop-up, the SuperRare curatorial team has organized four unique exhibitions, each presenting a diverse range of thematic showcases centered in Web3. 


John Crain, CEO of SuperRare, emphasized the importance of the platform’s community of artists and collectors, describing them as the heart and soul of the platform and the inspiration for exhibitions such as this latest one.  “Last year during our pop-up gallery, we saw the importance of experiencing digital art in person through the lasting connections made by artists and collectors,” Crain said in a press release. “We are looking forward to showcasing the work of our incredible artists in NYC again with two months of programming for our partnership with the Seaport.” At the start of June, SuperRare will kick off the curated program of showcases by featuring the works of more than 20 SuperRare artists. The opening exhibition at 0x.17, titled Artifacts, curated by Mika Bar-On Nesher, will be a solo exposition by the NFT space’s AI collaboration posterchild Claire Silver.  This specific exhibition will showcase seven pieces that explore various philosophies and raise thought-provoking questions about our future with AI that we are collectively entering. 


These works will encompass a wide array of mediums, including video, generative art, still images, poetry, music, 3D creations, and an avatar featuring an AI voice. Following Artifacts, SuperRare will present a number of group shows featuring works of prominent creators such as Brooke DiDonato, Summer Wagner, Emily Xie, and many more. Julie Allen, the Senior Vice President of Digital and Creative at The Howard Hughes Corporation — which owns and manages a wide assortment of properties, including the Seaport — expressed her excitement for SuperRare’s two-month takeover. In a press release, she said she is thrilled to welcome the exhibition, as it “creates an immersive experience for visitors to interact with digital art while offering a hub for artists and NFT enthusiasts to gather and connect.” All in all, SuperRare at the Seaport feels in line with Web3’s sensibilities and aims to cultivate a unique and captivating hub where the world of digital art can be experienced in person. Editor’s note: This article was written by an nft now staff member in collaboration with OpenAI’s GPT-4. 


Source : [SuperRare Announces Two-Month NFT Exhibition Takeover at the ...]( undefined - NYC NFT Art•nft now / May 24, 2023


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